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Support Good Exposure Workshops and Feature Film Project

Your contribution as a proud community member will support truly independent film and the education and growth of underserved youths in our community. You can help us fulfill our mission of making the independent filmmaking process an inclusive experience by offering access, resources and knowledge to young people in Los Angeles.

Although we have received a grant to support workshop instruction and to install an on-site media lab we are still seeking funds to sustain the program and to support our apprenticeship and Media lab employment program.

Apprenticeship: $1900 will give one youth the opportunity to apprentice on our feature film set for 21 days. Your contribution will include $75 a day payment to the youth, his or her meals and transportation to and from location. This can also employ one youth selected to work as assistant editor with Clay Zimmerman on our feature film project.

Media Lab Employment: $68 will keep the Highland Village Media Lab open for one day, providing youth with the opportunity to check out camera packages and edit their video content. $68 will go to a youth who has qualified for employment as a Media Lab Technicican.

In addition to the workshop program we are also working on a feature film that will go into production once youth complete the program. Youth will have the opportunity to apprentice all crew positions, from craft services to the producer. Our goal is to raise $35,000 to do this. The film will be directed by Kelly Parker. All and any contributions are welcome. If you would like to support the production of this film please inquire at communityfilmproject@gmail.com.


1. Your Logo/Name/Link will appear on the Good Exposure project website.
2. Your Name/Link will appear in the sponsors section of all Good Exposure newsletters, invitations to community event screenings of student work and invitations to the film premiere.
3. You will receive a “Special Thanks” credit during the end credits of the feature film.
4. You will receive two complimentary tickets to a special pre-screening of the feature film.

Contributions are tax deductable. They can be picked up in person from you by Good Exposure project personnel or be mailed to Women Organizing Resources Knowledge and Services (WORKS), Attn: Good Exposure, 1139 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

For more information or to make an alternative contribution please contact Kelly Parker at communityfilmproject@gmail.com