Feature Film

Production/Employing Young People:After six months, the workshops will be complete and the film, will go into production. During production we will employ graduating youth to fill 14 paid apprentice positions reserved on the crew. An Outreach Coordinator will serve as a line producer to the apprentices on the crew. A designated driver will be appointed to ensure that youth have a safe and dependable way of travel to and from set locations.

The Crew: The producer, director, cinematographer, assistant director, gaffer, sound person, stylist, on set photographer and production assistant will each be appointed at least one young person to work with them as a paid apprentice. Apprentices will gain hands on exposure and knowledge of technical aspects of filmmaking, which will be incredibly valuable on their resumes. In addition, they will learn to work in a fast paced, deadline driven environment where good communication is essential in order to get the job done right. Because we understand the complex nature of many young peoples lives, apprentices will have the option to rotate days for their positions, so as not to be bound by the full 30 days of shooting. In addition two to four candidates will be chosen to shoot behind the scenes video footage during production that will later be placed in the “special features” section of the DVD. Behind the scenes camera people will expose the workings of a film set first hand, from the young peoples point of view. Through this experience and freedom, they will gain considerable technical knowledge of videography.

The Actors: Feature Film will feature a cast of as many non-actors– real people from the community, as possible. Will give the unique tone and authenticity I seek as a director. Actors’ input and life stories will contribute to writing the dialogue in the film and help determine the structure of the story.

Post Production: One or two interested youth who graduated from the workshops will be selected and trained on the industry standard editing software, Final Cut Pro. The assistant editors will gain valuable knowledge, along with resume building skills working alongside editor Clay Zimmerman, editor of Quinceanera (2006), the Sundance Award-winning film shot in Echo Park.

Distribution Apprentices: will have the opportunity to travel to international film festivals with the feature film. Feature film aims for national and international distribution, however, is open to proven models of self-distribution, with 15% of the proceeds going back into the program’s sustainability in Highland Village.