Program Details

Good Exposure is an inclusive, community based, independent feature film project centered on inner city young people in Los Angeles. Good Exposure has partnered with WORKS, to provide free filmmaking workshops, media literacy training and employment opportunities for youth residing in Highland Village Apartments located just north of downtown Los Angeles. Good Exposure brings the opportunity for cultural excursions, film resources and skills training straight to the youths by providing classes in the community center located inside their apartment complex and by providing them with a permanent media lab upon completion of the workshop program.

The Good Exposure Program is for youth between the ages of 15-20 residing in W.O.R.K.S. affordable housing developments. The developments are located in neighborhoods plagued with many of the problems common to most underserved communities. Many youth deal with self-esteem issues, lack of access to enrichment activities and lack of confidence in pursuing alternative opportunities for their future... (more)

TEAM (Bio's)

Project Founder Kelly Parker Project Coordinator Enrique Vergara Instructors and Youth Mentors Suzuya Bobo, Dorit Cypis, Lora Ivanova, Caroline Key, John N. Marchesini, James Ponsoldt, Adele Romanski, Aries Santiago, Clay Zimmerman Advisory Council Bill Burgess, Foreign Exchanges